Volunteers Needed

The OCSD Running Team needs volunteers who are willing to support the team for Baker to Vegas 2014.  The primary use for volunteers is to act in a supporting role for the runners on the course and more importantly, to have a great time!  We need volunteers who want to come to Las Vegas and have fun, fun, fun! The more people we have, the more fun it is. You get a t-shirt, snacks, drinks, and lunch. Also, AOCDS will be hosting the post race de-brief. We have new ideas for this year's event but volunteers are a must.

If you have never participated in this event, you will be in for a big surprise. Nothing can prepare you for the experience and fun filled time you will have participating in this event. You will be a part of the largest law enforcement athletic event in the world. The more volunteers we have, the less time is spent on the course. Each volunteer gets a T-shirt, snacks, drinks and lunch. Volunteers are a very important part of this race. If you don't like to run but want to participate, then become a volunteer.

Some of the things you’ll be able to do are:

  • Follow the runners in the chase vehicles,
  • Be a “catcher” on one or more legs
  • Work with organizers to put on the meetings and after party in Las Vegas
  • Be a Ham Radio operator on the course or in Vegas (We’ll help get you a license!) If you have experience in communications, particularly HAM Radio operation, and would like to volunteer your time, please call Lenora Peña-Sanchez at (714) 497-7219.
  • Use your expertise or contacts to help with logistics the day of the event
  • Assist with fundraising events in Orange County
  • Help on the qualifying course

  • Call us with any new ideas you have or if you would like more information. Contacts: James Porras (949)-939-2958, or Lenora at (714) 497-7219.