Doctor's Corner

Baker to Vegas 2016

Let's Get Ready!

Most of you have trained hard getting ready for this year's race. Aches, pains, and sometimes an injury are all a part of the training process. My staff and I are ready to go to give you the edge you'll need to run a quality race and minimize the impact these issues can cause. A lot of you have visited our spacious injury rehabilitation facility and know we have what it takes to keep you up to speed. And many of you know my crack team of sports massage therapists: They are chomping at the bit to get their highly trained and experienced hands on those injury prone areas. In other words, we are ready to go!

My staff and I are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you in my office and at the event in Vegas.

We can be reached at (714) 385-9088. My office is located at 2029 W. Orangewood, Orange (at Eckhoff) near Angels Stadium.

Hope to see you soon!

Dr. April A. Lopez

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